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Who We Are?

‘Cultural And Scenic Tour And Exploration Around Himalayan Destinations’

The Himalayas are regarded to be the abode of various enchanting vistas of the world.  Shivalaya Holidays, a local based adventure and cultural company of Nepal and India, provides delightful trips in and around Himalaya destinations, besides Nepal within India, Bhutan and Tibet also. Exploring the pure natural beauty from the ground level, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, bungee jumping, peak climbing, wildlife safari, cultural tours and any other activities can be possible due to our best services. We are very glad to bring you to enjoy the beauty of Himalaya. And during your journey, we believe to make you contemplate yourself on the lap of nature and your holiday memorable for your lifetime.Run and managed by professional team of staff with vast experience on tourism world around Himalayan countries, leading successful and enjoyable trips making our past and present clients very satisfied with our immense services quite different to other hundreds of local travel agents.

Although Shivalaya Holidays established since 2021 but the company has emerged as one of the best and most reputed travel agents of the country, due to our excellent management and offering more than money-worth of services that makes Shivalaya Holidays quite different to others. One of the few companies in Nepal with ever loyal and knowledgeable staff and guides with decades of experience offering wide information of the area of travel from local culture, religion, and history to scenic mountain views with exotic flora / fauna and much more. Traveling with Shivalaya Holidays, one can feel safe and secure as we are very sensitive in taking care of clients’ needs and request from the beginning of arrival to end of the trip in Nepal, where our customers on leaving the country Nepal will be glad and truly satisfied on choosing the right company after an enjoying exotic holiday with us.

Shivalaya Holidays is not just only a company running fabulous tours and treks, also we take care of our pristine natural environment preserving the green vegetation and following strict with Eco-or Responsible Tourism. We also help and support remote poor people to uplift the standard of living and taking care of villagers’ welfare providing various facilities like clean drinking water, maintaining broken trails, hygiene as well offering basic needs to village schools and children with educational materials. Besides running treks and tours, we also organize volunteering programs around needy rural villages where all interested travelers can join in for the good deed and support lending the helping hands. Shivalaya Holidays, truly the best and simple native company of Nepal for safe and mesmerizing holiday in Nepal and around Himalayan countries, as we offer wide varied programs from scenic, cultural, historical to adventurous trips.

All package and itineraries are carefully well designed to make our clients at most convenient. While in Nepal with most delightful and memorable holidays that you can never resists including our affordable price to offer on various exotic adventure treks and tours.

Why with Us?

We are pleased to introduce Shivalaya Holidays P. Ltd as a leading Travel House and Tour Operator in the field of catering to the needs of our individual, group, and corporate clients in the areas of Travel, Tours, Treks, Leisure, Educational trips, Conferences, Conventions, Exhibitions, Domestic and International Air, and many other travel solutions. Shivalaya Holidays P. Ltd. undertakes to carry out its work with the utmost integrity, compassion, and care for its travel agents and customers, and to leave no stone unturned to ensure that the client's expectations are met. It offers high-quality yet cheap travel by combining considerable experience and understanding of its many destinations with flexibility in developing unique itineraries. Since 2021, we've had our headquarters in Kathmandu, and we've recently expanded our service to include a corporate office in Europe, as well as a branch office in Australia and Canada.

Members of the core staff have as much as 14 years of expertise running different groups lite  Kailash Manasarovar Yatra Trekking in Himalayas Wildlife tours and many more. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of more than 70 officials and 200 Sherpas who accompany them as escorts, guides, cooks, and other professionals with extensive experience in this field. Our entire staff has never failed to fulfill the expectations of our clients throughout the service and rationing the zeal of our clients to travel, and we vow to continue to do so. We have been successfully operating and advertising Nepal, as well as the Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, since the company's beginning, catering to groups and individuals, and we have occasionally run larger groups of over 100 clients in a single trip. Along the way, we've organized a variety of trips and treks in Nepal, including Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, cultural, and religious tours. We are confident in our abilities.

Please get information about our team members from Our Team page.