Immerse Yourself In Nepal's Magnificent Dolpo Region | Upper Dolpo Trekking

    Dolpo, also known as Dolpa, is a district in Nepal's midwestern region. It encompasses both the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal, and it is surrounded by districts such as Jumla, Mugu, and Mustang. It has a long and interesting history. Until the early 18th century, the region was either a kingdom ruled by Tibetan rulers or an independent one. The region became a part of Nepal after the mid-eighteenth century. Because the region shares a border with Tibet, there are many cultural and traditional similarities between the two. Dolpo has a long history with Mustang.

    Workers from here are said to travel all the way up to Lo Manthang for work. Dolpo was a foreclosed area for a very long time. The highland Nepalese territories include the Dolpo Trek and the Upper Mustang Trek. It was under the control of the Nepalese Army, and Dolpo treks were not permitted. The route has been open for foreign travelers to explore for less than two decades, and solo treks are still not permitted in the region. Dolpo trek is an activity that you should definitely try while in Nepal. With all of its attractions, the Dolpo region is sure to captivate you.

Upper Dolpo Trekking

    Upper Dolpo is a region in the Dolpa district that is mostly to the north. Its borders are shared with Tibet. If you like to look closely at people's lifestyles, you will notice that there are many similarities between the people of Tibet and those of Dolpo. Religion, traditions, and a variety of other topics are covered. The fact that the two regions' geographies are nearly identical also plays an important role in this one.

This trek also appeals to those who are fascinated by the natural aspects of trekking. You will see some of the rare and interesting flora and fauna as you travel through Shey Phoksundo National Park, which is the largest national park compared to Chitwan National Park safari. Despite all of the amazing sights, this trek is considered to be quite difficult. The journey is mostly recommended for people who have years of experience trekking in such terrains.

Upper Dolpo Trek Attractions

  • Trekking in the Dolpo region, particularly the upper part, has its advantages. On the journey, you will discover many amazing natural and cultural wonders.
  • Phoksundo Lake is one of the trek's main highlights. It is a Himalayan Lake at an elevation of 3612 meters.
  • You will travel through Shey Phoksundo National Park, one of Nepal's most diverse protected areas.
  • The Annapurna region's mountains, particularly the Dhaulagiri range, will provide breathtaking views.
  • Bon Po is one of the major religions practiced here. Tibet is where the religion originated. Buddhism is another major religion practiced in this area.
  • You will be able to get a close look at the crystal mountains.
  • It is famous for the marine fossils and quarts discovered on its cliffs.
  • Shey Gompa is one of the most important monasteries and other places of worship among the many.