My First Paragliding Experiences in Sarankot

It has been a long time since I had an extraordinary experience. It was something I did four years ago. Following our wedding ceremony, my husband and I flew from Kathmandu to Pokhara to spend our honeymoon joyfully. We were tickled pink on the way to Pokhara by seeing the beautiful sceneries and many more. Both of us have a fantastic sense of enthusiasm and happiness as a freshly married pair. I'm at a loss for words to describe those moments that will live on in my heart forever. So, I'll tell you about my first paragliding excursion, which took place during our honeymoon trip. It has always been a fantasy of mine to fly across the skies like a bird, full of freedom and happiness. While we were at Sarankot, my dreams of flying were realized. My wishes were realized thanks to one of Pokhara's paragliding companies. Despite my desire to fly across the skies by paragliding, my paragliding experience in Sarankot was not planned. Actually, we were there in Pokhara for our honeymoon. We had not planned any adventurous activities to be done, and during our stay, I noticed a lot of paragliding scenes in the skies of Sarankot. And in a casual way, I told my husband to do paragliding and he agreed to fulfill my dream of paragliding within no time. And I could not wait to spread the imaginary wings into the air.  

It was a truly incredible experience to see the planet from above, which was made possible thanks to paragliding. The breathtaking splendor of the mountains from above leaves indelible memories for a lifetime. And images of dense green forest, villages, and valleys fill my heart with joy. I felt the fresh air while flying because I was at a high height. Actually, I'm breathing ideal air. Although a little bit of nervousness makes me feel afraid of the altitude at first, the entire movement of paragliding makes me scared free, and brave. In fact, I experienced a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. From the vast horizon of the sky, everything appeared to be so small. Everything in the world, including people and objects, appears to be so small. The intellect had entirely liberated itself. There will be no more anxieties or difficulties. I felt like I could get away from everyday pains and sufferings as I flew over and over. Nothing seemed to matter when you were in the air. All I receive is great bliss and the calmest time of my life. I felt like I was on top of the world after seeing the land from above. My courage and passion grow stronger with each passing day. Standing on the rim of the mountain, looking out over the world, was an incredible sensation that cannot be described in words.

Moreover, I felt compelled to be liberated and have out-of-body experiences. I didn't want it to end because it turned out to be a fantastic journey. Because the panoramas were so stunning, I didn't have time to consider the variety of things that may have gone wrong. Throughout the journey, I was smiling and laughing so much, enjoying the journey very much. I was fully buzzing both during and after the excursion. I felt good about myself since I had overcome yet another fear. While the paraglider performs a feat of paragliding movement above the Phewa lake, I feel a little scared at first. But, after a while, I came to realize how thoroughly I had overcome my dread. Inside of me, a sense of self-assurance and bravado grew. I discovered that overcoming fear in life leads to enormous success. Observing the spontaneous beauty of the Phewa lake from above, its crystal clear water, and, more importantly, the shadow of the mountain in the water of the Phewa lake enchanted my thoughts with joy. I felt as if I were traveling towards a heaven-like destination.

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