Things You Can Do in Nepal During Spring

Nepal is a stunningly lovely country. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal each year to discover the country, experience Nepal's culture and religion and partake in various adventurous activities. Nepal is beautiful in any season, but it is especially so in the spring. The air is crisp, the trees are laden with blossoms, and the temperature is ideal. With a few unique events thrown in, now is the greatest time to visit Nepal. Many people visit Nepal in the spring for trekking, while others come for mountaineering, but the country has much more to serve tourists than just trekking and climbing in the spring.

Today, we will be discussing a list of things that you can do or enjoy in Nepal this spring. It'll come in handy if you're planning a trip to Nepal any time soon. 

  1. Hiking

Short walks around major cities like Kathmandu or Pokhara are excellent for those who do not wish to spend days trekking in Nepal during the spring season. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city and getting into nature, connecting with it is an excellent thing to do. You can observe blossoming rhododendrons, different birds, and fresh air if you visit these hills early in the morning. You could catch a peek of the mountain ranges if the city's air isn't too polluted, but that's secondary because the spring wind and melody of the woods will make you want to climb every week.

Some of the best places to go for short hikes during spring in Nepal are, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Ghorepani, Nagarkot, Shivapuri, Sarangkot, Dhampus, Ghandruk.

  1. Mountain Flight

Nepal is one of the most famous countries for mountain flights. People claim that autumn is the perfect period for mountain flights, but many consider spring to be the best time in Nepal. The mountains are blanketed with snow, and the air is crisp. A mountain flight is suggested to see Everest, but if you want a closer look, you may hop on a helicopter and go wherever you wish to observe the mountains of Nepal. You can go wherever you want in the spring because of the clear weather and low breezes. Nepal is famous for mountain flights in places like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Kori Danda, Gosainkunda, Panch Pokhari, and so on. 

  1. Rafting

Nepal is one of the famous destinations for white-water rafting. To those who want to experience white-water rafting in the fastest flowing river, Nepal can be the best destination. You should attempt rafting at least once if you haven't before. The reason you should go rafting in Nepal during the spring is that the flow isn't as strong as it would be in the summer or autumn, so it's a lot safer. In the spring, the warm weather is also great for rafting.

Some of the famous rivers for rafting in Nepal are Kaligandaki, Sunkoshi, Trishuli, Seti, Bhotekoshi, and Marsyangdi.

  1. Visiting local parks

Spring is the time of year when everything begins anew. Parks are also a good area to visit in Nepal during the spring if you prefer greenery. You've probably seen the Jacaranda trees that turn Kathmandu's streets purple in the spring, but the parks are even more beautiful. So, if you enjoy plants and flowers, pay a visit to some of the areas of the city where you are; you will not be disappointed.

  1. Visiting Terai

The plain land area of Terai in Nepal's southern has a certain allure. Its landscape and inhabitants set it apart from the rest of Nepal. If you haven't been, you should go in the spring because the weather is wonderful. Yes, it's still hot outside, but the mornings and evenings are much more pleasant. If you visit the national parks during the day, you might be lucky enough to see the elusive Bengal tiger. Even if you aren't, you'll get to see a spectacular sunset. Make sure to sample foods from various regions.

  1. Yoga Retreat 

Nepal's spiritual tourism is vastly undervalued. You can participate in a variety of good yoga schools. It would be fantastic to roll out your mat, strike your asanas, and do meditation in front of the world's highest mountain peaks or lush green forests.  If this sounds appealing, visit Nepal in the spring and participate in a variety of yoga sessions. If you prefer something more spiritual, you can live in a monastery and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

  1. Fun Festivals

Nepal is all about cultures, traditions, and festivals. Especially spring is all about ringing in the new year, and Nepalis do it by holding a variety of celebrations. They embrace spring by participating in festivities such as Shivaratri, Holi, the Nepali new year, and a variety of other indigenous celebrations held around the country. It's a fantastic method to discover Nepal's culture and heritage while also learning about the nation's more than just mountain ranges.