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Also known as the Pashupatinath of eastern Nepal, Khotang Halesi is located in Khotang district lying between two holy rivers Dudh Koshi and Sun Koshi to the right and left respectively. Halesi Mahadev is the most revered pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists including Kirant. Situated around 215km east of Kathmandu valley, this place covers 3100ft-47ft above sea level. situated at the peak of the small hill in an exquisite cave, Halesi is taken to be the embodiment of Mahadeva, a form of Lord Shiva. Among other religious sites that take part in Khotang, Halesi holds much religious significance. Also, this place is encompassed with so many other tiny caves which is the major focal point of Halesi. One can feel the darkness inside the cave and bats around the cave. And the major charm of this place is the picture of the Lord inside the cave.

The caves in the Halesi are situated 67feet below the earth’s surface. The major entrance looks like a half-moon and it faces towards the east. This shrine is built in circular form having 193 feet in diameter and the boundary of the floor is 223ft. During the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, Ram Navami, Bhasmasur, fairs, and festivals are held in this region. The religious belief of Halesi is that the Halesi had been used as a dwelling place for 6000 years. This place can be taken to be the god-gifted place with so many natural wonders and cultural heritage. Three mysterious caves lie in this place which are taken to be the heads of Lord Shiva. As this place is considered to be the east’s Pashupatinath, the crowd of pilgrims can be seen very greatly in this place on the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri and Bala Chaturdasi.

More Basically, Halesi provides the geological facts about the place. Naturally created caves and potholes filled with rocky landscape and the entire landscape that is happening in the constructions of the rock in diverse forms and shapes captivates the eyes of every traveler. The passageways of Halesi which decide the destiny and purity of pilgrims passing through them are now renamed paapadwara, dharmadwara, gharvadwara, swargadwara, karmadwara. 

That’s why this place is taken to be so miraculous and spiritual sites that quest the thirst for spirituality and salvation. Thousands of devotees come to this place holding the belief that Halesi Mahadev blesses people with prosperity and wisdom. The emerging flow of visitors to this place is increasing day by day due to its religious and spiritual aspects. But for those who cannot go to Halesi Mahadev on their foot but wants to visit the ancient and holiest place of Nepal then, a Heli tour can be the best option. Heli Tour is also for those who want to reach Halesi Mahadev in luxury without any pain and effort. 

Major attractions of the Halesi Mahadev Heli Tour  

  • Jaw-dropping views of caves

  • The eye-catching views of corridors

  • Awe-inspiring views of naturally created rocky landscape

  • Religious and spiritual aspects of the whole shrine

  • Exploration of the geological features of the shrines

  • The historical significance of the emergence of the shrine. 

  • The hidden and mysterious beauty of the entire surroundings

Terms & Conditions:

  • The helicopter flights to the above sectors are dependent on weather conditions.

  • The company reserves the right to cancel/postpone the flight in case of bad weather or any technical/emergencies.

  • The pilot-in-command has the full authority to decide on the passenger weight, flight route, and ground time in each sector due to flight safety reasons.


Early in the morning, our tour agent will escort you to the terminal of Tribhuwan Internation Airport of Kathmandu. After you reach the airport, you will go through security checks and then the tour guide will do the briefing about the Heli tour to Halesi Mahadev. You will then follow the instructions and head towards the helipad. Following the instructions of the pilot, we will then take off towards the Halesi Mahadev. After flying for 45 minutes you will land near the Halesi Mahadev temple explore the temples and caves around the Halesi Mahadev and worship and perform puja. After spending quality time at Halesi you will then return to Kathmandu.


  • Passenger insurance, in case of appearance of any accidents during the Halesi Mahadev tour
  • Depending on the weight, a charter for up to 5 people can be arranged.
  • The fare of two way Helicopter flights
  • First aid or oxygen during the time of emergency
  • All necessary permits and governmental documents
  • All Government, Vat, Service charge, and taxes are included.
  • Airport pick & drop off service by Private Vehicle


  • Travel insurance, personal items, and expenses
  • Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry, Tips
  • Accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) except breakfast
  • International airfare & Nepal Visa Fee (You may easily issue Nepal visa on your Arrival).


The tour can be completed within 1 and 2 hours but the tour duration totally depends upon the selection of the destination.

Yes, the Halesi Mahadev heli tour is completely safe in Nepal. As safety always comes first the team is ready anytime for the rescue suring the time of necessity.

To book a trip, you can kindly either contact us directly or email us at info@shivalayaholidays.com.

You may choose according to your convenience, you may either bank transfer, credit card, western union, or other options.

Yes, you will get your refund if you cancel the flight due to different circumstances.

Given the short period of time, we are unlikely to get altitude sickness. Because the location is relatively low in altitude which reduces the risk. But in case of emergency our crew will provide your first-aid or transfer you to the lower altitude or Kathmandu if necessary.

Yes, the flights can get delayed or cancelled due to the bad weather or frequent rainfall. In case of cancellation, you will get your refund according to the refund policy.

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